Courtship behaviour of the freshwater goby Rhinogobius sp. YB

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Shot Date: 2006/04/29
Shot Location: Amami Oshima Island

* species
Rhinogobius sp. YB

Key Words
courtship behaviour

Takahashi Daisuke
2006/10/12 submitted

Animalia >Chordata >Osteichthyes >Perciformes >Gobiidae >Rhinogobius >

Courtship behaviours of the freshwater goby Rhinogobius sp. YB in a stream were recorded on digital VTR. After approaching the female with nuptial yellow belly, the male spread his dorsal and anal fins, vibrated his body and left slowly the female. Once the female accepted the male and followed him, but she fled him. Again the male approached the female, and the female left him. The courtship behaviour of Rhinogobius sp. YB are similar to that of the related goby Rhinogobius sp. DA (Takahashi 2000).

Takahashi D (2000) Conventional sex role in an amphidromous Rhinogobius goby in which females exhibit nuptial coloration. Ichthyol. Res. 47: 303-306

(Data No.momo061012rs01a)

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