*Video S2. Temporary division of roles in a group of the false cleanerfish Aspidontus taeniatus raiding a nest of the three-spot dascyllus Dascyllus trimaculatus.

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佐藤 初
(Hajime Sato)

種類:ニセクロスジギンポ, Aspidontus taeniatus
キーワード:cooperation division of roles egg eating false cleanerfish group hunting

動物界 >脊索動物門 >硬骨魚綱 >スズキ目 >イソギンポ科 >クロスジギンポ属 >

Below is the abstract from the article containing this video:

Division of roles was observed during group hunting by the false cleanerfish, Aspidontus taeniatus (Blenniidae), when they raid the nests of the damselfish (Pomacentridae) and eat their guarded eggs. In this paper, we provide the first description of the collaborative group egg-eating behavior by the false cleanerfish. When raiding the nests of the three-spot dascyllus, Dascyllus trimaculatus, whose eggs are guarded by parents, the false cleanerfish divided roles as follows: “decoy” or “watcher” to draw attention and attract attacks from the parents, and “hider” or “intruder” to avoid detection by the parents and invade the nest. The potential differential costs associated with each role are unique among examples of group hunting strategies in fishes. However, once any individual in the group successfully invaded the nest, all individuals quickly achieved successful predation of the eggs and gained immediate shared benefit. We propose that the group egg-eating behavior of the false cleanerfish not only reinforces the evidence that fish can collaborate with other individuals but also suggests the hypothesis that collaborative hunting can evolve through mutualism even in fishes. Digital video images related to the article are available at http://www.momo-p.com/showdetail-e.php?movieid=momo240411at01a, and http://www.momo-p.com/ showdetail-e.php?movieid=momo240411at02a.

Hajime Sato, Yoichi Sakai, and Tetsuo Kuwamura (2024). Temporary division of roles in group hunting for fish eggs by a coral reef fish. J. Ethol. 10.1007/s10164-024-00812-w